2.8.4 Interaction

Reciprocal and emergent causality can be seen at work in the real world on many occasions.


  1. The entities may bootstrap each other in the causal dynamics of their interaction, thriving on the generative power of the interaction, with its potential nonlinear multiplier effect
  2. The generative mechanisms being “at work” in the causal dynamics may also be called “ bootstrapping mechanisms ” (Carey, 2009, p. 13)
  3. These bootstrapping mechanisms are complex, causal “learning mechanisms”, “at work” in the development of concepts, showing bootstrapping processes with potential nonlinear effects
  4. A development that may be characterized by “conceptual discontinuity” (ibid., p. 20). 
  5. Such kind of nonlinear development is foundational for processes of transition and transformation, as conceived by Vygotsky (1978).